The High Performance Networks group (HPNG) at the University of Bristol specializes in the application of advanced technologies to future communication network infrastructures together with the study of control, node architectures, and technologies best suited for future requirements. The group consists of the following labs and experimental facilities:

  • Photonic Network Lab (PNL)
  • Networked Media Lab (NML)
  • Future Internet Experimental Facility

PNL is extremely well equipped with transmission capabilities of 160 Gbit/s and switching testbeds for circuit, packet  and burst switching. The Laboratory also has four full photonic switching nodes and 3 Carrier Grade Ethernet nodes,    enabling a full captive network with photonic and electronic switching layers together with control software. Led by  Prof Simeonidou a successful bid was made to JISC for a dark fibre network connecting Essex, Cambridge, London and  Southampton to allow advanced networking experiments to be undertaken between these centres. This fibre  network also supports connective with Europe and North America. The University has recently approved an   investment of more than !2m to extend this activity with a new Networked Media Laboratory (NML) which operates  as an interdisciplinary laboratory focused in research & development for efficient deployments of Ultra-High  Definition Multimedia Applications over Photonic Networks.

The Group’s mission is realised by our commitment to  research through the creation, advancement and facilitation of innovative multi-disciplinary photonic network researchparticularly in the fields of Optical Transport Networks  (OBS, OPS, OCS, multi-granular and high speed systems and networks), Grid/Cloud Networking (Optical grids,  Integrated management of IT and network resources, consumer Grids, cloud computing), Network and Service   Management (architectural extensions, virtualisation technologies, service oriented and application aware   networking), Network technologies and Architecture for Ultra High Performance media. HPN group is committed to a  high standard by extensively publishing in selected highly-ranked journals and conferences and contributing to  standardisation activities.

Relevant expertise / know how: The Group has a very strong collaborative profile and interacts with researchers and users in the UK, EU, US, Japan and China; many of these links were established due to the support offered by EPSRC  platform grants. The Group has strong links with user Groups through EU projects such as BREAD (brings togEther users and technologists), EU Networks of Excellence such as ePhoton/One+ (FP6), BONE (FP7), Eurofos (FP7) and  technology and network projects such as MUFINS, TRIUMPH, MUSE, PHOSPHORUS, DICONET, GEANT3, GEYSERS,  STRONGEST and MAINS. The group has been core contributor to several EPSRC/DTI funded research: PLATFORM grant, OPORON, PRINCE, PROTAGON, SOAPS, UPC projects in collaboration with industry and other universities.

Key person

  • Dimitra Simeonidou
  • Reza Nejabati