i2CAT Foundation is a not for profit Spanish organisation founded by the UPC (Technical University of Catalonia) and the local government of Catalonia (Generalitat  de Catalunya). i2CAT Foundation is an experimental platform for collaboration in research and development of IT projects between the public and private sector. It performs research and innovation projects under the scope of the new generation of Internet.

UPC (the Technical University of Catalonia) is involved in Mantychore as a third party affiliated to i2CAT, this relation is  contemplated on the special clause 10. UPC is an external support for i2cat, in charge to carry out a part of the i2CAT tasks. The researchers from UPC are Xavier Hesselbach, Juan  Felipe Botero.
Relevant expertise / know how: Currently i2CAT is involved in three major European projects, both related to  networking (among many others national ones). i2CAT is co-leading a work package of the IST FP7 FEDERICA  project, which aims to build a European-wide network that can be sliced. The control of each slice can be assigned to a  different user, scoped to researchers dealing with Future Internet projects. i2CAT is mainly in charge of the studies  about network resource processes abstraction, in order to create different virtual/segmented slices of the  experimental L3 network infrastructure. i2CAT is also participating in service activities (Tools to support multi- domain workflows) and joint research activities (Hybrid Network Provisioning, Monitoring, Network Factory and Composable Network Services) of the GEANT3 project, under a subcontract that takes 40% of the work of RedIRIS  (the Spanish NREN).

Finally, i2CAT is the overall technical leader and work package leader of the IST FP7 GEYSERS  project (currently under negotiations), to design and implement a logical infrastructure composition layer that allows infrastructure providers to provide network and IT infrastructure to service providers for assembling their dedicated logical networks. i2CAT was also the leader of work package 1 of the IST FP6 PHOSPHORUS project, a  project that aimed to treat the network as a first class grid resource allowing unified provisioning of network and grid  resources. Among other projects, i2CAT has participated in both UCLPv1 and UCLPv2 projects in partnership with  the Communications Research Centre of Canada and the University of Ottawa, with the support of CANARIE Inc.  Research under these two projects paved the way to the IaaS Framework (Infrastructure as a Service), an ongoing  effort to define a framework for creating open source solutions enabling infrastructure resources as services to the  user. The IaaS Framework will be the basis of Argia and Mantychore, two solutions for delivering IaaS to optical  and IP networks, respectively.

Key person

  • Sergi Figuerola
  • Manel Jara