Description of Work


Deliverable name Delivery date
D1.1 Project Presentation document
D1.2 1st Periodic Activity Report Confidential
D1.3 Final Activity Report Confidential
D1.4 Project results evaluation report August 2013


Deliverable name Delivery date
D2.1 exploitation, dissemination, standardisation and liaison plan document
D2.2 Web site Mantychore website
D2.3 Report on related research, exploitation and dissemination activities and planning update document
D2.4 Report on standards,exploitation and dissemination activities and liaison with related initiatives document
D2.5 Mantychore software business plan document


Deliverable name Delivery date
D3.1 Mantychore user manuals document
D3.2 User community final report document


Deliverable name Delivery date
D4.1 Requirements analysis report document
D4.2 Software development report document


Deliverable name Delivery date
D5.1 Feasibility of IP networks as a Service in a commercial environment document
D5.2 Report on IP Networks as a Service deployment in NRENs, and its use by virtual research communities document


Deliverable name Delivery date
D6.1 Infrastructure marketplace mechanisms study document
D6.2 Implementation of the marketplace report document


Deliverable name Delivery date
D7.1 Integration between Mantychore and GSN report document
D7.2 Networks migration test report document