Action plans

The core activities of the project will consist in:

  1. Developing the tools to operated and use the IP Network Service, based on the requirements of the e-Infrastructure providers and the user communities.
  2. Use the tools to allow initially HEAnet and NORDUnet to provide the IP Network Service to the 3 research communities targeted by Mantychore: e-health, grid and media – later in the project other NRENs, user communities and even commercial operators may be considered.

Mantychore will not develop new software tools from scratch, instead it leverages the successful results from different privately funded projects –MANTICORE II, IAAS Framework, Argia- and integrates, enhances and adapts them to the operational environment of the NRENs and the research community, providing a robust and usable tool to manage and provision virtual IP Networks.

Besides the core activities, a number of complimentary tasks will be carried out to:

  1. Implement a prototype of an infrastructure resources marketplace that allows easier and faster transactions between infrastructure providers and user communities.
  2. Develop tools that allow for energy consumption monitoring and fast resource migration to support renewable energy powered virtual infrastructures.
  3. Develop and expand the initial Mantychore user community.