The main objectives of the Mantychore project are

  • Enable HEAnet and NORDUnet to provide IP Network Services to their Grid and e-heatlh customers through the Mantychore tools, enhancing their service portfolio; thus providing virtual research communities with a useful service that can improve their research activities and optimize the efficiency of use of e-Infrastructures.
  • Refine and expand the Mantychore services provided by means of the integrating the results of the privately funded MANTICORE II project with the IaaS Framework based solutions for optical (Argia) and Ethernet/MPLS networks (Ether); thus being able to provide integrated services at levels 1-3 to the research community.
  • Innovate in the business model used in services based on IAAS, establishing a marketplace where all Infrastructure Providers can announce their available resources and all customers can automatically negotiate the SLAs getting the best resources combination for their needs.
  • Use Mantychore services to contribute to the research performed in the GreenStar Network (GSN) project to enable carbon-neutral infrastructures

Mantychore services enable community controlled virtual networks on top of multiple infrastructure providers