During the last years, the requirement of flexible, dynamic and application driven networks has become a key topic in the emerging e-science community. Usually, configuring the whole network can lead to tedious situations, which are increased when there are several networks involved. Thus, easy, smooth, and transparent configurable networks support an important advantage over other projects aiming at similar objectives. At the same time, the new added network management layer is able to provide new features, which will cover all the possibilities of configurations in IP networks.

The present project takes its heritance from the project MANTICORE II, that it is an acronym of Making Articulated Private Networks (APN) Network Topologies on Internet COREs which is the main purpose of the entire project. The new propose try to add some new characteristics and features, hence the name was changed to Mantychore to keep the acronym but also distinguish it from earlier project.

Mantychore will follow the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) paradigm to enable National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and other e-Infrastructure providers to enhance their service portfolio by building and deploying software and tools to provide infrastructure resources like routers, switches, optical devices, and IP networks as a service to virtual research communities.

The MANTYCHORE Project will contain, as one of the deliverables, a business plan to exploit the project software outcomes. This project plan has been done under the MANTICORE II initiative, and it has been sponsored by the catalan government – through the VALTEC program, reference number VALTEC09-1-0015 .

Use cases

The Mantychore project will serve a user community that uses and takes benefit of Mantychore services offered by the NRENs. The initial user community in Mantychore is formed by three research user groups, where each user group will use individually the Mantychore services for its own interests. These three user groups include the Danish HDN (Health Data Network), the British UHDM (Ultra High Definition Media) group, and the Irish Grid network.Each user group will perform different activities and use Mantychore services for different goals, for that reason they must determine the activities that they will perform using Mantychore services, and produce an evaluation report at the end of the project about how Mantychore services have been useful for its research activities.

The Danish Health Data Network

For the Danish Health Data Network, Mantychore provides a third solution to connect to the central hub, along with VPNs and fixed high capacity connections. One of the great advantages of this solution is that it enables to use other infrastructures, doesn’t require the installation of new hardware, but still is satisfying in terms of security and integrity of the exchanged data. Benefits of using Mantychore services:

• Provide hospitals higher capacity connections

• Satisfy the security requirements

• Low cost in comparison with other technologies such as MPLS

• Optimize the use of the research infrastructure

• Possibility for further IP networks between partners interested in health

Advanced High Quality Media Services

Mantychore will allow a network operator to provision multiple IP networks over a single infrastructure. The routing policy of each is independent and the robustness of protection between the instances is a factor of the implementation of logical routers in the underlying equipment.

Mantychore will allow many of these logical networks to be provisioned and managed in a scalable way, so that immediate requirements for advanced IP services such as those required by HD, 3D and beyond media and visualisation applications can be met with an NREN’s core equipment, getting full advantage of the resilience and advanced services available in the main network.

OpsCentre iniciative

For Mantychore, the Grid-Ireland OpsCentre at TCD proposes a use case related to the marriage of grid and cloud computing. The OpsCentre manages the Irish grid on behalf of Grid- Ireland, which is the Irish National Grid Initiative (NGI) and a full member of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) Council.

The OpsCentre will explore the provision of a distributed federated cloud using Mantychore to provide a virtual private network domain. To do this it will develop a prototype “cloud layer” for Grid- Ireland, hosted as virtual machines (VMs) on each of 6 larger grid gateways interconnected by the Mantychore network, with a slice of each gateway’s computing resources aggregated into the cloud. The OpsCentre will then explore how to exploit that cloud.

Expected impact

The Mantychore project focuses on deploying its tools at the NRENs, so that they can deliver an IP Network Service to the European user research community. The following picture shows graphically the flow of impacts since the Mantychore project starts:

Therefore the Mantychore project can potentially have a deep impact over NRENS, European research groups, the ICT industry and the European society and economy with respect to the relevant points of the INFRA-2010-2 Work Programme for Objective 1.2.3:

  1. Increased effectiveness of European research through the broader use of e-Infrastructures by research communities.
  2. The emergence of virtual research communities of European and international dimension that cannot be achieved by national initiatives alone.
  3. Easier development and adoption of standards, common tools, procedures and best practices.
  4. Use of e-Infrastructure services and tools by actors from new disciplines and scientific communities.
  5. Increased quality and attractiveness of e-Infrastructures.