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January 26th, 2011 by

Recently, the Mantychore FP7 consortium has submitted, an abstract into the EGI User Forum 2011.
The abstract has been accepted to participate into the forum that will take place in Vilna the next 11-15th April. Below is presented the overview of the paper submitted.

Mantychore aims to provide dynamic networking as a service for e-infrastructure users.

The e-science community has expressed a need for flexible and application-driven networks. Traditional methods for configuring networks for research users are impractical when the scale is international and involves several networks.

Mantychore takes an “infrastructure as a service” (IaaS) approach to networking to enable National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and other e-Infrastructure providers to deploy a configurable, automatable network that allows virtual research communities to control routers, switches, optical devices, and IP networks as necessary to meet the needs of their applications.

Grid and cloud computing will provide some of the first real uses for this technology. Mantychore’s facilities should make it easier to share computing and storage resources between grid sites or to create a distributed computing cloud spanning several institutions.

You can find the full version into the Mantychore Fp7 wiki page

you can foundĀ  the full version here

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